Whose Side Are You On?

Posted by thesilentc on January 19, 2017

Ask any two well established web developers about learning to code today and you will get two passionate answers that are simultaneaously similar and yet quite disparate. I interviwed scores of programmers and read a multitude of articles and blog posts about learning to code. Here’s what I have extrapolated;

1: All successful coders love to code

2: Their way of coding is better than anyone else’s.

The moment I realized that common mindset was litteraly everywhere I knew that I was on my way home. Those are the key ingredients in any discussion that can propel the growth of an idea. Two passionate beings who love a thing yet view it from two polar perspectives is the unltimate pinacle of creativity.

And how apropo, btw? In a world of duality, what better way to evolve the coding universe than to have a kerfufle or two over what eventually all boils down to 1’s and 0’s?

So what language should I learn first?





^^^ I don’t even know what clojure is, but that’s funny!

“ I think after five years, [Node] will become a new hipster technology.” -Pavel Demeshchik February 2016

One great piece of advice I received seemed like a solid token of wisdom. My friend told me that “You have to learn to look down on other programmers for their choice of language and tools.”

I mean, if I’m going to code all day long forever, I might as well have fun, too.

Yesterday I finished making a Tic-Tac-Toe board using Ruby and I am indeed having a very good time learning how to code.